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*Free shipping on orders over $60

New Mamma Gift Pack

by TeaEsk

A beautifully nourishing gift pack for the mother-to-be or new mum. Three organic botanical blends; thoughtfully pieced together for mamma to savour a quiet tea moment, along with enjoying beneficial properties from the wonderful herbal infusions. 

All blends are caffeine free

This gift pack holds 

  • Nurture - our breastfeeding blend. 13 cups
  • Rooibos - perfect for the mornings. 10 cups
  • Sleepy Head - perfect for the evenings. 10 cups

You’ll enjoy approximately 33 cups of tea.

Nurture has been designed for all you breastfeeding mammas out there! Certified organic herbs have been specially hand-blended for mothers to sip on and enjoy during your nursing period. With the help of fennel, goats rue, caraway seeds and other pure herbs, this tisane can help with milk production, soothe mum and bubs digestion and aid relief from colic for your precious little one.

Nurture has been approved by Naturopath Bec Cook.

*This herbal should not be taken medicinally. Always consult your healthcare practitioner before consuming this tea.

All gifts are thoughtfully curated and packed by hand by us here at Teaesk. All of the teas and blends are held in gorgeous reusable miron glass jars. 


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