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Gold winner for BEST TEA WEBSITE in Australia at the 2021 Golden Leaf Awards. *Free shipping on orders over $95 Australia wide.
Gold winner for BEST TEA WEBSITE in Australia at the 2021 Golden Leaf Awards. *Free shipping on orders over $95 Australia wide.

A Gift to Say Thank You

by TeaEsk

Say thank you, with teaesk. This gift set is thoughtfully designed to show appreciation; an option for the sweet-tooth and an option for those health-conscious.

All gifts are thoughtfully curated and packed by hand by us here at Teaesk. All of the teas and blends are held in gorgeous reusable miron glass jars. 


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About This Gift Set
Option 1

For those with a sweet tooth.

  1. Brooklyn Cocoa: When indulgence is needed. A gorgeous chocolatey blend of Australian cacao husk married with a malty Indian Assam black tea and sprinkled with cacao nibs.
  2. Apple Crumble: Reminiscent of apple pie. The deliciously sweet notes of apple sing through soft notes of warm cinnamon, orange, and clove.
  3. teaesk Breakfast: A classic tea, beautiful on its own or with milk and a biscuit.
Option 2

For those with a focus on wellness.

  1. Yin Yang: A beautiful organic herbal blend for a small pick me up. YinYang was formulated to assist overall wellbeing. All organic ingredients, high in vitamin C and a healthy dose of ginger. 
  2. Sleepy Head: If this tea were a song, it would sing you to sleep! This wonderful hand-blended all organic herbal infusion of lemon balm, calming chamomile and hints of lavender help soothe and calm the senses. Unwind after a hard day as you slowly sip this sweet floral treat.
  3. Hawaiian Mint: A deliciously organic minty brew with a tropical twist! Refreshing peppermint and spearmint with speckles of sundried pineapple and sweet fennel. It's the perfect after dinner mint.

Q. Does your tea contain anything artificial?

A: No, all of our tea is 100% natural. We only use tea, herbs, spices and fruits to create the flavour you love. No numbers, nothing sprayed.

Q: Is Gift Wrapping Included?

A: The gift set comes in a beautiful recycled kraft box, however our premium wrapping is additional. You can add the wrapping at check out.

Q. Can I add a note and does it cost extra?

A: Yes you can add a note at check out, and notes are free!


Real Reviews, Real Customers

Tea is a wonderful big world full of flavours and beautiful aromas. Our blends are made to be explored.

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