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Kinto Cold Brew Carafe - White

by TeaEsk

When the sun’s out, why not knock up your own batch of cold brew iced tea for an invigorating summer drink? The Capsule cold brew carafe makes it easy to keep delicious homemade iced tea on those gorgeous summer days, with a convenient removable filter basket that helps keep your tea smooth.

Simply add your favourite TeaEsk blends, add cold water, and leave it in the fridge overnight for a smooth, sweet brew. Once the cold brew is ready, pop out the filter basket and serve straight out of the carafe, which features a lid that opens automatically when the bottle is tipped, allowing you to pour from any direction. Cleaning the carafe is just as easy, with its heat-resistant glass helping to keep stains and lingering smells at bay – just rinse it out and pop the carafe in the dishwasher to get it ready for your next batch!

Make it a gift and add a couple of our beautiful Italian-made bohemium glasses along with one of our blends that are a treat iced- YinYangHuckleberry Blue, or our newest addition Apple Crumble.

Size 1 litre


Use only for its intended purposes. Do not use on direct fire. Do not overheat in the microwave or heat without water. Wash with care. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. The sudden temperature change may break or shatter the product. While the glass is hot, do not pour cold liquids into it, and do not place it on a wet cloth or in a wet sink.

Do not use in a microwave. Do not place near open flames. Twist and close the lid tightly before pouring. Keep it horizontally as the container is not completely sealed. Do not hold by the lid when carrying, as the container might fall and break. To clean the filter, soak in warm water and then wash with a neutral detergent. When reinserting the filter in the jug filled with water, sink it slowly as water may overflow due to surface tension around the mesh.

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