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Tea and Teapot and Warmer Gift Set

by TeaEsk

Tea that has gone cold; that is a thing of the past. This perfect duo will keep your favourite tea nice and hot throughout the day and in the evenings. A truly delightful gift for family and friends or a little luxury for yourself. that you can pair with one of our delicious tea's or herbal infusion. Available in Yellow Mountain Green Tea, Vanilla Chai, TeaEsk Breakfast, Wu Yi Mountain Oolong and Sleepy Head.

Your Choice of Tea:

Option One: Yellow Mountain Green Tea
Our handpicked green tea is well-known for its full, rich taste. A smooth vegetal finish of sweet pea with strong nutty notes. In your gift: 50g of Yellow Mountain loose leaf Green Tea, 600ml glass teapot and glass teapot warmer.

Option Two: Vanilla Chai
A fine Sri Lankan black tea hand blended with exotic spices and a hint of vanilla for that little extra something. In your gift: 50g of Vanilla Chai loose leaf black tea, 600ml glass teapot and glass teapot warmer.

Option Three: TeaEsk Breakfast
This bright reddish brew from the Dejoo Tea Estate in India’s Assam region is brisk, silky and sweet. It carries true characteristics of malty flavours with fruity overtones that Assam tea is prized for, with an abundance of golden tips. In your gift: 50g of TeaEsk Breakfast loose leaf black tea, 600ml glass teapot and glass teapot warmer.

Option Four: Wu Yi Mountain Oolong
With a wonderfully creamy and buttery profile, this tea is highly aromatic when brewed. Notes of stone fruit and sweet florals, it has slight woody undertones. This tea is great for tea drinkers who want high aroma and a stronger flavour profile. In your gift: 50g of Wu Yi Mountain loose leaf Oolong tea, 600ml glass teapot and glass teapot warmer.

Option Five: Sleepy Head
If this tea were a song, it would sing you to sleep! This wonderful hand-blended herbal infusion of lemon balm, calming chamomile and hints of lavender help soothe and calm the senses. In your gift: 30g of Sleepy Head loose leaf herbs, 600ml glass teapot and glass teapot warmer.

Option Six: YinYang

Zesty yet soothing, YinYang is hand blended to create balance and harmony. With the aid of dandelion root this detoxifying infusion will have you feeling cheerful and refreshed while helping you keep a happy liver. Try it with honey or make it iced. In your gift: 50g of YinYang loose leaf herbs, 600ml glass teapot and glass teapot warmer.






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