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Winter Wellness Pack

by TeaEsk

To help you through the cooler months, we've put together a Winter Wellness pack. These blends have been created to assist with immunity, promote calm and relaxation and to enjoy some damn good loose leaf botanical infusions. 


Start you day with Organic Rooibos. This is a great caffeine free alternative that you can still enjoy with a splash of milk. Rooibos has many great health properties such as antioxidants with important minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, potassium- to name a few. It also keeps you hydrated while delightfully enticing our case buds with it wonderful flavours and aromas. 


Mid-day zing, is a pot of a deep red infusion that is YinYang. This is what I like to call my well-being blend; zesty, tangy and a breath of fresh air, it’s loaded with vitamin C and a healthy dose of ginger. Hibiscus, ginger, lemongrass, reship and calendula are some of the wonderful herbs and florals that you can find in YinYang. I love adding an extra thin slice of ginger, lemon and your favourite local honey to a freshly brewed pot. Delicious indeed!

Unwind on the lounge curled up with a book (make sure you kiddies are fast asleep in bed) and slow sip on the floral delight that is Sleepy Head. It was created to really assist with relaxation and help to have a goodnights sleep. Its soothing, soft and calming, just what we need after a long day. Lemon balm, lavender, pink rose petals and chamomile are some of the sweet florals to help ease anxiety. An all time favourite in my family. 

Like an after dinner mint, Hawaiian Mint is a delightful sip after any meal. Peppermint, spearmint, sun-dried pineapple, fennel are some of the wonderful digestive and anti-inflammatory herbs blended together for a perfectly refreshing sip. Its minty good with a tropical twist! 

All certified organic ingredients are used in all the blends. 


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