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Australian Sencha Green Tea

Loose Leaf

by TeaEsk

Our delightful organic Australian grown green tea brews an ever so sweet cup that reveals a light, fresh and uplifting brew. This tea offers rich vegetal and grassy notes that give way to a pleasant nuttiness, with a delicate sweetness on the finish.


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    About Australian Sencha Green Tea


    Sencha Green Tea

    Brewing Instructions

    Water temperature is vital to achieving best flavour from your tea! Green tea, the sensitive one; with water too hot results in brunt tea leaves, leaving you an unpleasant bitterness. Use the correct temperature and it will sing you the sweetest melody with wonderful flavours.

    • 1 tsp per 250ml of water
    • 75 degree Celsius (Bring cold spring water to the boil and pour into a teapot. Set aside for 6 minutes before adding tea).
    • Brew for 3 minutes. The leaves are good for 2 infusions. Any infusions after the first, the water, should be a little hotter and brewed for one to two minutes longer.
    The Farm

    Our Australian Sencha Green tea is grown on a family farm in the Acheron Valley, where the Acheron and Goulburn rivers meet in northeast Melbourne. The family prides itself on producing the finest handcrafted Japanese-style green tea that Australia offers and uses biological farming practices.


    Real Reviews, Real Customers

    Tea is a wonderful big world full of flavours and beautiful aromas. Our blends are made to be explored.

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