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*Free shipping on orders over $60
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Blends to explore

Hand crafted. Farmer-friendly tea.

Fancy some chai?

Vanilla Chai

Let the warm and inviting aroma of spices whisk you away to another land. A fine Sri Lankan black tea hand blended with exotic spices and a hint of vanilla for that little extra something

Rooibos Chai


Slowly sip this gorgeous all organic herbal chai that fills the air with intoxicating aromas of warm cinnamon, cardamom and sweet citrus.

Not sure where to start?

Featured teas to get you started.

The teaesk difference


It matters who grows your tea and how we treat them. It matters how we treat our world, the people and the animals who live within it. It matters what goes into the tea we drink and taste we experience as we drink it. To us, it all matters.
  • farmer friendly
  • no nasties
  • locally made with love
  • hand blended
Experience the difference


Our guides will help you explore our tea range. From teaching you how to brew the perfect cup of chai to ideas for wonderful tea-infused cocktails.

  • How To Brew Chai (Different Ways)

    If you've bought (or made your own) chai, and you want to truely enjoy it and explore its flavours, then this guide to brewing is for you. I'll take you through both the regular and traditional methods to making the perfect cup.

  • How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea

    In this guide you'll find tips and guides to brewing different types of tea.

    I would like to point out that however you fancy your tea comes down to personal taste; I am sharing guidelines on what I feel is important to ensure that you have consistency and able to savor this old world beverage to it's full potential. I also recommend using this guide with good quality loose leaf tea