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our worskops

Explore the world of tea under the guidance of a Certified Tea Master during our hands-on workshops.

A teaesk workshop is an experience for those looking to learn a new skill, understand and appreciate tea in a new way, and for one to embrace ones creativity.

We welcome both the crazy extraverts and the curious introverts alike. Tea is about taste, touch, smell and emotion - our workshop embodies it all.

Our workshops are hosted in the Illawarra, NSW. However, we can travel for special occasions and events.

tea and chai blending workshops

We offer two fun and intimate tea experiences, for those looking to learn how to blend tea and get creative. At the end of each workshop, we will pack up your tea in a pouch so u can take home your delicious blend to share with family and friends.

Corporate Workshop Experience

In a business, people are your greatest asset. Our corporate tea blending workshops are a great investment into your teams culture. Our experiences help break down silos between departments, they inspire creativity and they reward hard work.


We hosted a virtual Chai Blending Workshop for over 20 Google employees spread throughout the world during CoVid lockdown. Each member was supplied with everything they needed for the worskhop; scales, ingredients, paper (for spice crushing) and more.

"Melissa is a fantastic teacher, it was a wonderful event. I always ask for feedback from the team after any team building event and they gave this one a perfect score!"


We hosted a tea tasting workshop for a division of Citrix. Each member received samples of different teas, tasting wheels and flavour profile sheets - then were guided through slurpping and tasting.

"That was so much fun! The team loved it and really got out of their comfort zone! Thank you Mel"


Learn from a certified tea master

Melissa Di Marco

Melissa is both a certified tea master and tea blender (as well as the founder of teaesk).

Mel leads all of our workshops and is the face you can expect to see when you book your next experience with us.


Read our how to guides

Learn how to brew different tea in different ways from the comfort of your home.

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