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About us

Honest, hand crafted, farmer-friendly tea blends, made to be explored.

about us

We're a South Coast of NSW, Australia-based, award-winning boutique tea business; purveyors of farmer-conscious, quality hand-crafted teas and herbal infusions sourced from one side of the earth to the other. In June of 2023, we opened our first retail shop at 84c Kembla Street, Wollongong, NSW.

Our tea is a fun collaboration with life. Our blends are a reflection of our experiences and each blend has a unique story to tell. We take our tea drinkers on a journey, telling stories and giving suggestions along the way. Explore our tea world!

The teaesk Story

Born out of a disdain for chemically flavoured tea and a passion for an honest cup, teaesk was founded by Australian Certified Tea Master, Melissa (Escribano) Di Marco. Teaesk is now an award-winning tea company, serving thousands of people cups of hand-crafted, 'no nasties' tea and iced tea every week through our website, stockists and retail shop in Wollongong.

There is a whole world to tea and we're not afraid to see what's out there. We nurture a new way of drinking tea and enable our tea drinkers to own their tea experience and grow their tea palette. We’re not breaking the rules of tea, we’re just stretching the boundaries and setting new ones. Think of us as traditional meets playful. We keep the sacred things sacred, we respect the tea and we know our stuff. We celebrate life's imperfections and the beauty in the chaos.

what we stand for

The teaesk difference

Care For Quality

Care in the details and care about the customer. Quantity has never been or will never be our focus; the quality of each and every product and customer Experience is what matters most to us. We’re obsessed with making sure all of our products are free of any nasties, and are stored and served with the utmost care.

Care for the world

We’re a company who believes in equal opportunity, we believe every employee and partner in the supply chain deserves to be treated with equal respect and dignity. We’re also a company who cares about the environment, the people and animals (big and small) who live in it. We choose eco-friendly packaging and production methods to help build a sustainable future.


We get to know the farmers directly or indirectly, for all of our teas, and we make sure when sourcing, that they’re working under good conditions and paid fairly. We’re open & transparent in our processes, we tell stories and open our doors to our tea drinkers.

Hand Crafted

Hand crafted by a certified Tea Master and Certified Tea Blender. Tea blending is an art, finding the right balances to match moods, food, palates, occasions or remedial needs requires study and experience.

True Tea Experience

We’re here to be playful and liberate the freedom of tea beyond the old. We can’t force someone to drink tea the way we drink it but we can nurture and grow a tea environment that feels comfortable, welcoming & exciting to our tea drinkers.