Brooklyn Cocoa

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This tea was inspired by our Tea Master Blender, Melissa Di Marco's trip to New York City. Walking through Dumbo in Brooklyn on a cold December night, slightly lost, she stumbled across a quaint chocolate shop serving delicious hot chocolate with a homemade dollop of cream. Indulgent, divine, and perfect. Brooklyn Cocoa is Melissa's ode to that beautiful cup of cocoa. It's a gorgeous chocolatey blend of Australian cacao husk married with a malty Indian Assam black tea and sprinkled with cacao nibs. It will delight your senses. Beautiful on its own, but add the slightest bit of sugar, and it will make your chocolate dreams come true!

  • Cacao husk, organic cacao nibs, organic Indian black tea, cut vanilla beans
  • Water temperature is vital to achieving best flavour from your tea! A slightly cooler water temperature brings out the beautiful sweetness in black teas and cacao husks along with subtle nuances.
    • 1 tbsp per 200ml
    • 90 degree Celsius (Bring cold spring water to a boil and pour into a teapot & add a good splash of cold water. Add blend immediately.
    • Brew 5-7 minutes. Add an extra tsp if you're looking for a stronger brew.
    • Try it with a dash of milk
  • Kanoka Tea Estate is owned by husband and wife duo Pranab and Manmoyri. They have had the tea farm since 2007 and from 2014 the tea farm was fully organic, allowing them to offer beautiful organic hand-crafted teas. Their associate small tea growers in Assam adhere to global standards of sustainable, organic farming methods. They follow the strict standards set by India's National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). Most importantly, fair wages are important for their vision. It is common to see tea workers in Assam and other neighbouring regions getting paid absurdly low wages for their hard work, even in this day and age. The unfair wages has resulted in social unrest in the region as workers demand fair pay. Quote "Here at ASSAMICA AGRO, we actively help our rural community by helping our associate farmers hire workers at fair wages, unaffected by the large conglomerates pressuring the area to underpay their workers to make a profit. Our farms have higher levels of worker pay than the average rate in Assam. The fair price we offer our associates allows them to afford fair wages for their hard-working employees. With every sale, we are helping to enhance our local economy by providing a real livelihood for farmworkers, improving living. standards in the region”.
  • Our East Trinity Cocoa plantation overlooks the tropical city of Cairns, in North Queensland. This is where the rainforest merges with the Great Barrier Reef and the mountain water is clear as the air. It's the dark, rich soil that enables us to grow the best cocoa beans possible. Our farms run on solar power which gives us a 90% carbon-free environment. These cocoa trees are SG2 large hybrids. We have a further 19 different hybrid types growing on the farm and we also have donated 25 cocoa trees to James Cook University here in Cairns, for research to advance the Australian Cocoa industry. All the hybrids are grown from seed on the farm. We purchase the seeds from PNG from Jeff Mafu who is a world authority on pure Cocoa hybrids stains under his guidance we are able to achieve quality trees for our customers. The quality of pods is exceptional and the quality of the cocoa beans are superior and second to none.

Category: tea

Type: Black tea

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