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YinYang was formulated to assist overall well-bing. High in vitamin C and a healthy dose of ginger!

Zesty yet soothing, YinYang is hand blended to create balance and harmony. With the aid of dandelion root, this detoxifying infusion will have you feeling cheerful and refreshed while helping you keep a happy liver.

Try it with honey or make it iced.

  • Organic lemon grass, Organic Hibiscus, Organic ginger, Organic dandelion root, Organic licorice root, Organic rose hips, Organic calendula petals.

    Properties Of Ingredients:

    A highly aromatic herb that is not only popular in Asian cuisine, but is believed to help relax your stomach. In East India and Sri Lanka, lemon grass "tea" is traditionally used to reduce fever. It also has sedative, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties.

    This old world plant contains Vitamin C, calcium and iron. Hibiscus is believed to assist in lowering blood pressure and has mild diuretic activity. Traditionally used to ease colds and sore throats.

    Ginger has been an important herb in many ancient traditional medicines and one we have all come to know and love. The most notable; is remedy for easing nausea, vomiting and upset stomach. Ginger is also a warming herb and as an herbal infusion may assist in relieving cold and flu symptoms, joint pain and poor circulation.

    Dandelion root is said to have powerful diuretic properties with a good source of potassium, and is believed to increase the flow of bile in our bodies, which helps digest fats. This herb has been used to detoxify the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

    The Greek name for this plant is "Sweet root", and that it truly is. Licorice root should not be mistaken with the flavour of the confectionary licorice, which is in fact flavoured with anise oil. Licorice root is an excellent anti-inflammatory, as well as helping protect and heal your gastrointestinal tract.

    These red berrylike hips are part of the rose family and are high in Vitamins C, B1, A and K. Rose hips have also been used to treat colds and influenza.

    This beautiful plant bears brilliant yellow or orange flowers that shine like the sun. Calendula is said to have anti-inflammatory properties that has been traditionally used to reduce inflammation of the stomach, throat, mouth and skin.



  • Water temperature is vital to achieving best flavour from your herbal infusions! Dried herbs, flowers and fruits, the hotter, the better they say; is best for extracting the wonderful oils they hold.

    Hot Brew:

          • 1 tsp per 250ml of water
              • 100 degree Celsius (Bring cold spring water to a boil and pour into the teapot. Add herbs immediately)
                • Brew for 5 minutes

                How To Make It Iced: 

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