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Moroccan dreams Set

by TeaEsk

Sip on our Hawaiian Mint blend in this gorgeous hand-made beldi glass from Morocco. It’s not a traditional Moroccan Mint tea but still a perfect match! 

In this pack 

  • x1 Hawaiian Mint 50g
  • x1 beldi Moroccan tea glass, choice of dark blue or clear

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about bledi glass

The story of beldi glass

This handmade product manufactured since 1940 and 100% Moroccan, had yet to know a dramatic destiny: in June 2013, the last the glass factory in the country (Sover, in Ain Sebaa – Casablanca) put the key under the door, leaving customers and employees in a state of abandonment. Because he could not resign himself to the disappearance of this iconic object, produced by know-how inherited from father to son, the Beldi group undertook to restart the activity by giving it a modern factory, built with old teams of Sover inside the Beldi Country Club.

The know-how and spirt of beldi glass

The manufacturing process of Beldi glass is to recycle two tons per day of flat glass and glass bottles wastes, remelted in a furnace heated to about 1600 degrees, and kept at temperature 24 hours. The blown glasses are cut by hand using an oxygen and gas flame. The debris goes back to melting, while the glasses are placed in an annealed furnace for 3 hours. Then they are washed and transported on a carriage rail to their storage location.

For 15 years, the Beldi stands out for its ability to create places, atmospheres and activities that value and stimulate the traditional skills of Morocco. It is committed to participating in the safeguarding of some sectors of handicrafts affected by the globalization crisis.


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