Yellow Mountain Green Tea

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Our handpicked green tea is well known for its full, rich taste. A smooth vegetal finish of sweet pea with strong nutty notes. This fine brew serves up a refreshingly good cup that makes this beauty perfect for any time of the day.

ORIGIN: Anhui Province, China

TEA MASTER: Wang Fang Sheng

  • Water temperature is vital to achieving best flavour from your tea! Green tea, the sensitive one; with water too hot results in brunt tea leaves, leaving you an unpleasant bitterness. Use the correct temperature and it will sing you the sweetest melody with wonderful flavours.
        • 1 tsp per 250ml of water
          • 80 degree Celsius (Bring cold spring water to the boil and pour into a teapot. Set aside for 5 minutes before adding tea).
            • Brew for 1-3 minutes. Good for 2 infusions. Any infusions after the first, the water, should be a little hotter and brew for a longer time.
            • Our Yellow Mountain Green tea in China is known as 'Mei Cha', meaning "Eyebrow Tea". This tea has inherited its name because the curled and wispy shape of the leaves resembles eyebrows. A fun fact: in China, long eyebrows are a representation of good health and longevity, therefore drinking eyebrow tea bare's an affiliation with health and a long life.

              Most regions in China produce a type of Mei Cha; ours comes from the beautiful mountainous Anhui Province in the Huang Shan tea region, which is home to some of China's famous teas. Huang Shan translates to 'Yellow Mountain', and is located in the southernmost part of Anhui Province, eastern China. This part of the world is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can only imagine the pristine conditions and the abundance of tea culture found here.

              Our tea is picked by hand in the middle of April and is left whole, as most Mei Cha is machine cut for grading purposes. In saying that, the Mei Cha that is sold within China has not been cut and is therefore graded by how thick the leaves (the thicker the leaves, the lower the grade). Our Yellow Mountain Green tea is very thin showing that it is of a higher grade.

              So cheers to good health and longevity!

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